Luna (also titled Luna's Revenge and Runaway) is a 2017 German thriller film, directed by Khaled Kaissar, and starring Lisa Vicari, Carlo Ljubek, and Branko Tomović.


Luna (Lisa Vicari) is an intelligent and carefree teenager who is spending the summer with her family in the mountains. Suddenly, her entire family is killed by foreign agents, and Luna just barely manages to escape. She is forced to confront the fact that her whole life has been a lie: her father Jakob (Benjamin Sadler) was a Russian agent living in Germany for 20 years, while her family was just the cover. When he was finally exposed by the BND, she found herself in the crosshairs of the Russian secret service. Luna teams up with the secretive agent Hamid (Carlo Ljubek) in order to find justice for her family. Eventually she exposes Victor (Branko Tomovic) as the murderer, and several arrests are made.