Singgasana Brama Kumbara

Singgasana Brama Kumbara (Throne of Brama Kumbara) is an Indonesian historical-drama television series, produced by PT. Menaragading Citraperkasa (now Genta Buana Paramita). It is an adaptation of a popular radio series called "Saur Sepuh" with some changes in the plot. It was first aired on ANTV on March 4, 1995.


Set in 14th-15th century West Java in a fictional kingdom called Madangkara, Singgasana Brama Kumbara tells the story of Brama Kumbara, a young man who becomes freedom fighter after Madangkara was occupied and oppressed by its neighbour, Kuntala Kingdom. Eventually Brama freed his country from the occupation and becomes the King of Madangkara.