Khaidi Kannaiah

Khaidi Kannaiah

Khaidi Kannaiah is a 1962 Indian Telugu-language crime film directed by B. Vittalacharya and produced by Pothina Doondeswara Rao. It is a remake of the Hindi film Qaidi No. 911 (1959) and its Tamil version Kaithi Kannayiram (1960). The film stars Kanta Rao, Rajanala Kaleswara Rao, Gummadi, Relangi, Rajasulochana and Girija.


Kannaiah is robbed of the bank cash he was carrying by Paparao, a gangster who also kidnaps his motherless son Ravi with the help of his partner Ramu. Kannaiah is framed for the theft and arrested. In prison he learns that his son has died, and blames his sister-in-law Madhavi and her brother Ramu for the death. Kannaiah finds solace in the company of Raju, the son of the jailor. Padma is Raju's tutor. A dangerous criminal Durgarayudu kidnaps Raju and absconds from prison. Kannaiah escapes to save Raju and finds shelter in Padma's house. Singaram, a small-time thief and lover of Padma, joins him in his pursuit. The area's inspector captures Paparao. Kannaiah eventually locates Durgarayudu's hideout with the help of Padma, who wanders the streets singing the song she earlier taught Raju. The guilty is caught, Raju is saved, Kannaiah is exonerated and marries Madhavi.


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    director B. Vittalacharya
    editor Govindaswamy
    genre crime
    keywords arrest exonerate frame sing
    musicBy Rajan-Nagendra
    producer Pothina Doondeswara Rao
    productionCompany Rajalakshmi Productions