Oh, For a Man!

Oh, For a Man! is a 1930 American black-and-white musical comedy film based on a short story, "Stolen Thunder" by Mary F. Watkins. The original story appeared in The Saturday Evening Post June 7, 1930. Lugosi's character of Frescatti was later added to the screenplay. Well-dressed with a goatee, he resembled his Dr. Benet role in The Invisible Ray (1936) in stills. Since the criminal of the story does not receive just punishment in the end, the producers were years later unable to reissue this film after the establishment of the production code.


A talented diva named Carlotta Manson steers clear of romantic relationships because she doesn't want to interfere with her career. Bela Lugosi has a relatively small role as her singing teacher, and in one of his only scenes, Carlotta makes a comical remark to him about one of her co-stars smelling like garlic (ironic in light of Lugosi's later involvement with "Dracula"). One night when she returns home, she is robbed by a thief named Barney McGann. When the opera-loving Barney learns his victim is his idol, he befriends her and they begin a romance. Carlotta even gets him a job in the chorus and proposes marriage to him. They go off to an Italian villa, but Barney changes his mind and walks out on her. Carlotta returns to New York to resume her singing career, but later Barney follows her there and they wind up reunited with a kiss.