Mr. Boggs Steps Out

Mr. Boggs Steps Out

Mr. Boggs Steps Out is a 1938 American romantic comedy film directed by Gordon Wiles. The film is based on the Clarence Budington Kelland Saturday Evening Post short story Face the Facts. The working titles of the film were Face the Facts and Mr. Boggs Buys a Barrel.


Government statistician Oliver Boggs wins a large monetary prize from a cinema for correctly guessing the amount of beans in a barrel. His elder business associate advises him to leave his dead end depressing job and do something rewarding. When the pair's boss abuses the elder man, Boggs quits and decides to purchase a barrel manufacturing company in a small town. Boggs discovers that all the business in the town is dead due to the Great Depression. Boggs and his barrel company adviser Oleander Tubbs bring in a variety of unusual methods and ingenuity to bring prosperity to the town.