Don't Forget My Little Traudel

Don't Forget My Little Traudel is an East German comedy film, directed by Kurt Maetzig. It was released in 1957.


Traudel is a war orphan, whose mother had died in the Ravensbrück concentration camp after refusing to renounce her love for a Czechoslovak prisoner. The only remnant the daughter has from her mother is a letter ending with the words "don't forget me, my little Traudel". When she turns seventeen, she flees the orphanage and ventures to Berlin, where she meets policeman Hannes, who falls in love with her and even forges documents for her. He is caught, but is only slightly reprimanded, and marries her.

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    contentLocation Berlin
    director Kurt Maetzig
    editor Ilse Peters
    genre comedy
    keywords concentration camp ravensbrück concentration camp
    musicBy Hans Hendrik Wehding
    producer Hans-Joachim Schoeppe
    publisher Progress Film