Refining Fires

Refining Fires

Refining Fires is a 1915 American silent short drama film directed by Tom Ricketts. The story is about a man and a woman from different socioeconomic backgrounds who live together before marriage. The man and woman break up and the woman's life is changed forever.


A man named John Alstrom hopes to inherit money from his uncle falls in love with a women (Mary) of lower socioeconomic status. Alstrom convinces the woman to live with him until he can collect his inheritance and marry her. He does not initially marry her for fear that he will lose out on his inheritance because the woman has no money. After a short time the woman decides that John Alstrom is acting different so she leaves him. Mary eventually finds employment with a man named Judge Stone and she is hired as a companion to the Judge's daughter (Nina). Eventually John Alstrom comes into his inheritance and Nina finds him and falls in love with him. The two plan to marry. Mary wants to tell Nina the truth about John but changes her mind at the last minute. Mary leaves and becomes a nun.

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    director Tom Ricketts
    genre drama
    keywords act nun
    publisher Mutual Film
    theme short