An Inspector Calls

An Inspector Calls is a 2015 Hong Kong black comedy film directed by Raymond Wong and Herman Yau. Based on the 1945 British play by J. B. Priestley, An Inspector Calls, the film stars Louis Koo as Inspector Goole (renamed "Inspector Karl") (Pronounced Gaa2 賈 in Cantonese, which is a homophone for 假, which means fake, or false), Eric Tsang as Arthur Birling (renamed "Kau Ming"), Teresa Mo as Sybil Birling (renamed "Anson Kau"), Hans Zhang as Gerald Croft (renamed "Johnnie Kei"), Gordon Lam as Eric Birling (renamed "Tim Kau"), Chrissie Chau as Eva Smith (though the character goes by various names), Karena Ng as Sheila Birling (renamed "Sherry Kau") and Law Lan as Edna (though unnamed in the film). In adapting the play for a Chinese audience, the film incorporates wacky, slapstick elements while retaining the original's criticism of social elites.


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    contentLocation Hong Kong
    director Raymond Wong
    editor Azrael Chung
    genre comedy social
    musicBy Mak Chun Hung
    producer Raymond Wong
    productionCompany Guangzhou Big Honor Entertainment Pegasus Motion Pictures
    publisher Pegasus Motion Pictures
    recordedAt Hong Kong
    theme black comedy slapstick