18 Wheels of Justice

18 Wheels of Justice is an American action drama television series starring Lucky Vanous, G. Gordon Liddy, and Billy Dee Williams. It aired from 2000 to 2001 on TNN. The series was developed by Richard C. Okie, who had previously been an executive producer on the similar show Renegade. 18 Wheels of Justice was filmed at Stu Segall Productions in San Diego, and distributed by King World Productions.


Crime boss Jacob Calder is about to be sent to prison as a result of testimony by federal agent Michael Cates. Calder has Cates's wife and daughter killed and tries to have Cates himself finished off as well. In order to foil Calder's hitmen, Cates's boss, Burton Hardesty, convinces him to adopt the created identity of Chance Bowman, the driver of a Kenworth T2000 semi-truck. Bowman takes to the road, supported remotely by Agent Celia Baxter and Hardesty. In his travels, Bowman encounters various people and often helps them with their problems (not unlike the protagonists of The Incredible Hulk and The Fugitive).