Mexican Werewolf in Texas

Mexican Werewolf in Texas

Mexican Werewolf in Texas is a 2005 American direct-to-video horror film directed by Scott Maginnis and executive produced by Randy Mermell. The title is a reference to the 1981 horror comedy film An American Werewolf in London, which is in turn a reference to An American in Paris and Werewolf of London. Despite its name, Mexican Werewolf in Texas does not feature a werewolf, but the chupacabra or "goat-sucker" of Latin American folklore, which one character compares to a hairy wolf. It is one of a number of chupacabra-themed horror films released in the early 2000s, including several in 2005 alone. It received negative reviews. Critics felt the movie commented on racism in the United States.


In Furlough, a small Texas border town and self-proclaimed "goat capital of the world," the mythical chupacabra has begun to terrorize the populace. At first it drains the blood from goats in the town, then starts targeting people with animal blood on them. As the deaths escalate and police dismiss the attacks, a group of townspeople decides to fight back. The film is narrated by Anna Furlough, a teenager who longs to escape the small town; other residents include her boyfriend Miguel Gonzalez, a computer nerd and son of veterinarian Manny; her best friend Rosie, a straight-A student who hopes to attend the University of Texas at Austin; her father Brad, an undertaker and former town scion; Jill Gillespie, the bubbly girlfriend of farmer's son Tommy who flashes the monster while on a hunt; and Cabot Speers, an eccentric "alien hunter" whom the teenagers hire to capture the creature and earn a bounty.