Agni IPS is a 1997 Indian Kannada-language action film directed by Anand P. Raju, written by R. Selvaraj and produced by Rockline Venkatesh. The film stars Saikumar and Ranjitha, with B. Saroja Devi playing a supporting role. The film has musical score by Ram Chakravarthy, and the cinematography was by J. G. Krishna.


Agni (Saikumar) is an honest and short-tempered police officer who clashes with a dangerous gangster called Kotwal (Satya Prakash), while clearing a riot created by him on the streets, Agni loses his friend Baasha Khan (Rockline Venkatesh). Agni marries Ranjitha after being stalked and troubled by her. The three students Raghupathi, Raghava, and Rajaram, who are responsible for ruining the college, are arrested by Agni.