Paila Pacheesu

Paila Pacheesu

Paila Pacheesu is a 1989 Indian Telugu-language comedy film, produced by Ramoji Rao under the Ushakiran Movies banner and directed by Mouli. It stars Rajendra Prasad, Ramya Krishna and music composed by Narendranath. The film was recorded as a flop at the box office.


The film begins in a college where 4 naughty students, Saranya (Ramya Krishna), Ashok (Anand Babu), Ranga (Master Chakri) and Padma (Disco Shanthi) mess-ups the atmosphere. Suresh (Rajendra Prasad), a newly appointed lecturer always gives a tough fight to them. So, they ploy and rusticates him with a false allegation of rape attempt on Saranya. Thereafter, learning regarding her sister's nuptial Saranya moves to her hometown. shockingly, she spots that her father Anand Rao (Raavi Kondala Rao) has died by suicide. Now Saranya inquires the reason behind the cause is Shanti loved a multi-millionaire Chakravarthy's (Giri Babu) son Raja (Sudhakar). During the time of their wedding, deceitful Chakravarthy ploys by creating a slander on Shanti as she is promiscuous. At present, Saranya determines to prove her sister's innocence and couple up her with Raja, so, she makes a plan which throws them into turbulence when Suresh comes to their protection and gives them a pardon. Here Suresh & Saranya start loving each other. Simultaneously, Suresh narrates Chakravarthy's past that the property which he is enjoying is his sister Anasuyamma's (Prameela) and he has slaughtered her husband, daughter Rani and also Suresh's father Satya Murthy (again Rajendra Prasad), who is spouse to be their car driver. But Anasuyamma is still under the impression that her daughter is alive and waiting for her arrival. Concurrently, Suresh and other members enter the Anasuyamma's house in disguised form by introducing Saranya as Rani. The rest of the story has all of them teasing Chakravarthy and teaching him a lesson.

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    director T. S. B. K. Moulee
    editor Gautham Raju
    genre comedy
    keywords car driver create learn love rape attempt shock teach tease wait wed
    musicBy Ramesh Vinayakam
    producer Ramoji Rao
    productionCompany Ushakiran Movies
    publisher Mayuri Films