Mother Krause's Journey to Happiness

Mother Krause's Journey to Happiness (German: Mutter Krausens Fahrt ins Glück) is a 1929 German silent drama film directed by Phil Jutzi and starring Alexandra Schmitt, Holmes Zimmermann and Ilse Trautschold. The film was produced by the left-wing Prometheus Film, a German subsidiary of the Soviet company Mezhrabpom-Film. It depicts the cruelty of poverty and depicts Communism as a rescuing force that, alas, reaches Mutter Krause and the child that lives in Krause's apartment too late.


Mutter Krause and her two adult children, daughter Erna and son Paul, live in a tenement in Wedding, a cramped working-class district of Berlin. With them lives "the Tenant", a petty criminal, his fiancée Friede, a prostitute, and Friede's young child.