Billion Dollar Buyer

Billion Dollar Buyer

Billion Dollar Buyer is an American reality TV show starring American business owner, Tilman Fertitta, CEO and owner of Landry's, Inc. Each hour-long episode features Fertitta traveling the nation to sample new and innovative hospitality products. Small business owners compete to impress the business mogul and land the "deal of a lifetime" - the opportunity to partner with Landry's, Inc., as a supplier to Fertitta's over 60 leading Landry's restaurants, hotels, and entertainment brands. The program premiered on March 22, 2016, and is broadcast on CNBC.


The show follows Tilman Fertitta as he visits cities across the United States to assess potential products for his restaurants and casinos (anything from food and drink, to linens and spa goods) that are produced by small businesses. During each episode, Fertitta meets with two businesses to sample their wares and determine their compatibility with Landry's, Inc. Fertitta shares his assessment of the products and operations with the owners and recommends improvements to help the businesses meet Landry's standards of quality and finance. Contestants are then given time to implement Fertitta's advice. At the conclusion of the episode, Fertitta has the contestants join him at the Landry's, Inc., headquarters. There, Fertitta reveals his decision whether he will offer a contestant the "deal of a lifetime" by placing a substantial purchase order from their business.


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