On the Riviera

On the Riviera is a 1951 Technicolor musical comedy film made by 20th Century Fox. Directed by Walter Lang and produced by Sol C. Siegel from a screenplay by Valentine Davies and Phoebe and Henry Ephron, it is the studio's fourth film based on the 1934 play The Red Cat by Rudolph Lothar and Hans Adler. This version stars Danny Kaye, Gene Tierney and Corinne Calvet, with Marcel Dalio, Henri Letondal and Sig Ruman.


At the Côte d'Azur nightclub in Monte Carlo, American entertainer Jack Martin (Danny Kaye) is a hit with his singing, dancing and impressions. One night, everyone in the club flocks to a television to watch famed aviator Captain Henri Duran (also Kaye) land in Nice, concluding a record-breaking round-the-world flight. Jack's partner—and girlfriend—Colette (Corinne Calvet) reminds him to put on his glasses, and they agree that Duran looks like Jack. Bored, Gapeaux (Sig Ruman) insists that Jack make his act “sensational”, or else.