Vaisali is a 1988 Indian Malayalam-language period drama film, directed and edited by Bharathan. Produced by M. M. Ramachandran and scripted by M. T. Vasudevan Nair, it was an adaptation of a sub-story told by Vedavyasa to King Yudhishtira in the epic Mahabharatha. It is the story of Vaisali, a devadasi girl who was assigned the mission of seducing Rishyashrungan, the son of Mahirshi Vibhandakan and bringing him to Chambapuri to perform a mahayagam to bring rain.


Years ago, a certain Brahmin had visited the kingdom of Angarajyam. The king, Lomapadan (Babu Antony), failed to pay respects to the Brahmin. In retaliation, the Brahmin cursed the king that his kingdom would not experience any rains in the coming years and that the kingdom would suffer a severe drought. Thus, Angarajyam suffered for almost twelve years.