Bad Day at Black Rock

Bad Day at Black Rock

Bad Day at Black Rock is a 1955 American crime thriller film directed by John Sturges and starring Spencer Tracy and Robert Ryan, that combines elements of the western genre with those of film noir. The supporting cast includes Anne Francis, Dean Jagger, Walter Brennan, Lee Marvin, and Ernest Borgnine. The cast, although small, had five Academy Award-winning actors (Tracy, Borgnine, Brennan, Jagger, and Marvin).


In late 1945, one-armed John J. Macreedy (Spencer Tracy) gets off a train at the isolated desert hamlet of Black Rock. It is the first time in four years that the train has stopped there. After Macreedy states he is looking for a man named Komoko, several of the local men become inexplicably hostile. The hotel desk clerk, Pete Wirth (John Ericson), claims he has no vacant rooms. Hector David (Lee Marvin) threatens him. Later, Reno Smith (Robert Ryan) informs Macreedy that Komoko, a Japanese-American, was interned during World War II.