Shikari ( The Hunter) is a 2000 Indian crime thriller film directed by N. Chandra. It stars Govinda, Tabu, Karishma Kapoor and Kiran Kumar in pivotal roles. It was second collaboration between the trio Govinda-Tabu-Karishma after blockbuster Saajan Chale Sasural in 1996. It was first time that Govinda had chosen an anti-hero role while Karishma Kapoor chose an action-packed role, during when Govinda was briefly typed in comic roles and Karishma for glamorous roles. Govinda also wore a prosthetic makeup for the first time in his career. It was released on the eve of Dusshera. Upon release it was an average grosser at the box office, but later it gained cult following due to Govinda's work being mostly appreciated by critics.


Vijandra is the richest business tycoon in Cape Town, South Africa. His sister Rajeshwari, wife Suman and his mother are his only relatives. Vijandra's marital life is in apparent discord, since he has never had any relations with Suman. One day, Vijandra gets a rival in business world in form of Mahendra Pratap Singhania. Mahendra is an Indian spice tycoon wanting to expand his business in South Africa.