Play It to the Bone

Play It to the Bone is a 1999 American sports comedy-drama film written and directed by Ron Shelton. It stars Woody Harrelson and Antonio Banderas as two boxers and best friends who travel together to Las Vegas to fight each other, with the winner receiving a match for the middleweight championship.


Aging prizefighters and longtime best friends Vince Boudreau and Cesar Dominguez always regretted not getting one last shot. Out of the blue, such an opportunity comes their way, but it is to fight each other. Boxing promoter Joe Domino has a problem on his hands. The fighters scheduled to be on his undercard in Las Vegas (a preliminary to a main event featuring heavyweight Mike Tyson) suddenly become unavailable at the last minute. He needs replacements fast, so a call is made to Los Angeles to see if Vince or Cesar would be available. Both are, and Domino decides to have them fight each other.