Pédale douce

Pédale douce

Pédale douce (Soft Pedal) is a 1996 French comedy film directed by Gabriel Aghion. Fanny Ardant won the 1997 César Award for Best Actress for her performance as Eva.


Adrien works in an advertising agency in the day and at night he becomes the queen of a gay bar, run by his best friend, the seductive Eva. When Alexandre Agut, a major client of Adrien, wants to get to know him, he asks Eva to pose as his wife. Everything gets carried away when Alexandre falls in love with her.

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    contentLocation Paris
    director Gabriel Aghion
    editor Luc Barnier
    genre comedy
    keywords advertising agency best friend gay bar
    musicBy Gaetano Donizetti Philippe Chopin
    nomination César Award for Best Actress
    productionCompany Canal+ TF1 Films Production
    publisher AMLF
    theme lgbt-related