Pasha is a 1968 French crime film directed by Georges Lautner that stars Jean Gabin and Dany Carrel and is based on the novel Pouce by Jean Laborde. It tells the story of a senior Paris policeman pursuing a ruthless killer.


Six months off retirement from the Paris police, Commissioner Joss is faced with a troubling case. His lifelong friend, Inspector Gouvion, was the only survivor when a valuable consignment of gems was lifted by a violent criminal known as Quinquin, who killed not only the rest of the escorts but the three men in his gang as well. Then Gouvion is shot dead in his apartment: it could be accident or suicide, but Joss is sure it must be murder. Despite huge efforts, he can't find Quinquin but he does find the body of one of his murdered colleagues. This was Léon, whose attractive sister Nathalie works in a night club.