11'09"01 September 11

11'09"01 September 11

11'09"1 September 11 is a 2002 international film composed of 11 contributions from different filmmakers, each from a different country. Each gave their own vision of the events in New York City during the September 11 attacks, in a short film of 11 minutes, 9 seconds, and one frame. The original concept and production of the film was by French producer Alain Brigand. It has been released internationally with several different titles, depending on the language. It is listed in the Internet Movie Database as 11'09"01 - September 11, while in French, it is known as 11 minutes 9 secondes 1 image and in Persian as 11-e-Septambr.


Eleven episodes of eleven different directors on the tragedy of September 11, 2001, each lasting 11 minutes, 9 seconds, and 1 frame: 11'09"01.

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    director Alejandro González Iñárritu Amos Gitai Claude Lelouch Danis Tanović Idrissa Ouédraogo Ken Loach Mira Nair Samira Makhmalbaf Sean Penn Shohei Imamura Youssef Chahine
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    events September 11 attacks
    keywords 11 minutes 1983 beirut barracks bombings afghan refugee camp afghan refugees in iran american airlines flight 11 arab world arabic alphabet arabic characters arlington national cemetery army of republika srpska atomic bombing of hiroshima and nagasaki attack on multinational forces in lebanon in 1983 back to school blinding light bomb bombing of hiroshima bosnian serb soldiers central intelligence agency chile chilean coup of 1973 cia clash coup d\'etat deaf-mute deafness disabled drink end everyday life fbi federal bureau of investigation film flight aa11 flower pot force help hide historical events horrify islam in the united states japanese language late wife latin alphabet latin characters little boy london mohammad salman hamdani mouse mus musculus muslim community in the united states new type of bomb north tower nothing one world trade center osama bin laden ouagadougou pakistani woman police academy police force post-traumatic disorder press conference refugee camp salman second world war september 11 2001 serpentes shohei imamura sick mother skyscraper snake srebrenica suicide attack talat hamdani talk tel aviv tourist guide traumatic experience twin towers united kingdom us military voice widow world trade center world war world war ii write young man young soldier young teacher
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