Everything's on Ice

Everything's on Ice is a 1939 American musical film produced by Sol Lesser for RKO Pictures, directed by Erle C. Kenton and stars six year old Irene Dare, Edgar Kennedy and Lynne Roberts. The film was released on October 6, 1939 and is also known as Frolics on Ice (American video title).


Felix Miller (Roscoe Karns) has another money making scheme, this time it involves his 6 year old figure skating niece Irene Barton (Irene Dare), and given his history her family doesn't take him seriously. Uncle Felix takes little Irene to skate for a talent scout from Florida and secures not only a job but train tickets for the entire family to Florida for her gig. While on the train Irene's sister, Jane (Lynne Roberts) and Felix meet Leopold Eddington (Eric Linden) who has just inherited a million dollars but Felix assumes he doesn't have any money because Leopold tells them he's staying at an inexpensive hotel. Irene's dad Joe Barton (Edgar Kennedy) stays behind in New York to continue working at the barber shop he's trying to buy.