Hoy voy a cambiar

Hoy voy a cambiar

Hoy voy a cambiar is a Mexican biographical miniseries produced by Santiago and Rubén Galindo for Televisa. The series is based on the life of Mexican singer and actress Lupita D'Alessio. It stars Gabriela Roel and Mariana Torres as the titular character and is narrated by Lupita D'Alessio. The series tells the story of Lupita D'Alessio from before she started her career as a singer and actress until the moment she was forced to leave everything for drugs.


Because the series is based on D'Alessio's life, many other public figures, television programs and singers were portrayed in the series, such as José José in the years when he became known, Raúl Velasco in the early stages of the program Siempre en Domingo and Adal Ramones. Another production included in the series is La Oreja, which showed the falling out between Ernesto D'Alessio and his father Jorge Vargas more than ten years ago.