Felicity is a 1979 Australian sexploitation film starring Canadian actress Glory Annen and written and directed by John D. Lamond.


Felicity Robinson (Glory Annen) is a teen who studies at a remote Roman Catholic Church boarding school and who seeks indulgence in the popular erotic novels Story of O and Emmanuelle, and in a lesbian love affair with her friend Jenny (Jody Hanson). Her father arranges her holiday trip to Hong Kong where she will stay with a wealthy couple, Christine (Marilyn Rodgers) and Stephen (Gordon Charles). Christine organises a party to introduce Felicity to a friend of theirs, Andrew (David Bradshaw). After the party at the couple's mansion, Andrew takes Felicity for a ride in his car during which he pulls over and deflowers her. Christine also introduces her to libertine Me Ling (Joni Flynn). Me Ling initiates Felicity to new pleasures. However, Felicity eventually falls in love with Miles (Chris Milne) who saves her from a bunch of Chinese thugs.