Chill Factor is a 1999 American buddy action comedy thriller film directed by cinematographer Hugh Johnson (in his only directorial effort) and starring Cuba Gooding Jr. and Skeet Ulrich. The film centers on two unwitting civilians who are forced to protect a deadly chemical weapon from the hands of a group of mercenaries planning to sell the weapon to the highest bidder. The film had negative reviews from film critics, and was one of the biggest box office flops in history, grossing $11.8 million worldwide on an estimated $34–70 million budget.


Ten years after one of Dr. Richard Long's military experiments went wrong and killed eighteen US servicemen and a medical assistant, he has become a recluse in the small town of Jerome, Montana. Long still conducts scientific experiments at the local base, but his only social activity is going fly-fishing with Tim Mason, a cook in the local greasy spoon.