How Robinson Was Created

How Robinson Was Created (, translit.) is a 1961 short soviet film directed by Eldar Ryazanov. The film is part of the comedy anthology film series Absolutely Seriously.


Chief editor of the "Adventure Business" magazine decides to commission a novel from the famous writer Moldavantsev which is to be a continuation of the famous literary creation of Daniel Defoe, Robinson Crusoe. The writer initially takes on his task with great enthusiasm and soon the editor gets to read Moldavantsev's manuscript. Despite the fact that the writer tried to create a "soviet" Robinson, the editor remains deeply unsatisfied. He pressures Moldavantsev to make major adjustments to his work. Union members, a contribution collecting secretary of the local committee, and even a safe - all this, according to the editor must show up, along with Robinson at the supposedly deserted island! The apotheosis of editorial changes becomes the proposal to exclude the character of Robinson from the novel.

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    director Eldar Ryazanov
    genre comedy
    keywords collect daniel defoe deserted island robinson crusoe
    musicBy Anatoly Lepin
    productionCompany Mosfilm
    theme anthology