Sundara Purushan

Sundara Purushan

Sundara Purushan is a 1996 Indian Tamil-language comedy drama film starring Livingston and Rambha and directed by Sabapathy Dekshinamurthy. The film dealt with the serious issue of unwilling marriages but with a comical undertone. Livingston also wrote the story and the screenplay for the film. It was released on 12 July 1996. The film was remade in Telugu as Andala Ramudu (2006).


Ganesan has tremendous love for his maternal cousin Valli right from his childhood, and desires to marry her. Things go wrong for him when his mother dies when he is 8 years old; his father, who is the richest landlord in their village, marries another woman which he dislikes and runs away from home after months of torture from his dad and step-mom. He returns home (to his grandmother) after 17 years for his father's death. He even accepts his brother born to his stepmom.

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    director Sabapathy Dekshinamurthy
    editor J. Shankar
    genre comedy-drama
    keywords cheat end follow jump married life shoot wedding plans
    musicBy Sirpy
    producer Sivaram Gandhi
    productionCompany Super Good Films