Desires of the Heart

Desires of the Heart

Desires of the Heart is a 2013 English independent film directed by James Kicklighter and co-directed in India with Rajesh Rathi. It stars Hollywood actors Val Lauren, Alicia Minshew alongside Bollywood actors Harsh Mayar, Gulshan Grover and Ankit Bhardwaj. The film began production in 2012 in Savannah, Georgia, United States. and was later shot in Bikaner, Rajasthan, India.


Dr. Kris Sharma (Val Lauren) is a psychiatrist from India practicing in Savannah, Georgia when he meets Madeline (Alicia Minshew), a local artist with a mysterious past. While their relationship begins to blossom in America, Kris is summoned home by his brother (Gulshan Grover) to marry the woman (Priya Ahuja) chosen by his parents. But as he begins to make decisions about his future, he discovers centuries old secrets that may seal the fate of his destiny.


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    contentLocation Rajasthan
    director James Kicklighter
    editor Anthony Guerrero
    keywords mysterious past savannah georgia summon
    producer Jitendra Mishra Juan David Manotas
    productionCompany DOTH Entertainment LLC
    theme independent