2by4 or 2 x 4 (Two by Four) is a 1998 American drama film directed by and starring Jimmy Smallhorne. The screenplay by Smallhorne, Terry McGoff, and Fergus Tighe focuses on the bisexual foreman of a construction worker of a New York City construction crew.


Johnnie Maher is under a lot of pressure. Recently emigrated from Ireland to The Bronx, he sleepwalks and experiences nightmares. Try as he might, he can not identify the cause of his torment or make sense of the fleeting remains of his dreams. He shrugs them off, but things seem to be getting worse. Johnnie works as foreman on his uncle Trump's construction crew. Work tensions run high as the building owners complain about the cost and pace, while the workers constantly find their pay-packets shorted. Sly as a fox, Uncle Trump always explains everything away. Even when arrested for indecent exposure in a park frequented by gay men on the prowl for sex, he handily swears he only stopped there to relieve himself and was arrested by mistake. Openly bisexual, Johnnie's pressures mount when his girlfriend, Maria, and a sex-partner, Christian, begin to pressure him for more commitment. He fumbles his responses, and no one is satisfied. Finally, Johnnie catches his Uncle Trump in an act that fractures the dam of memories, and in a short time, they come flooding back into Johnnie's consciousness. Although shaken to his core, Johnnie finds the answers he needs. Most importantly, he survives the flood and can finally move forward.