The Crime of Dr. Crespi

The Crime of Dr. Crespi

The Crime of Dr. Crespi is a 1935 American horror film starring Erich von Stroheim, Paul Guilfoyle, Jeanne Kelly, Dwight Frye, Harriet Russell, and John Bohn. It was released by Republic Pictures.


Dr. Andre Crespi (von Stroheim) hates Dr. Stephen Ross (Bohn), who married Crespi's girlfriend, Estelle (Harriet Russell). During surgery, Ross appears to die. Crespi has given Ross a drug that induces a state of apparent death, while Ross retains all of his senses. Dr. John Arnold (Guilfoyle) is then asked to exhume Ross by the suspicious Dr. Thomas (Frye). They exhume the body and return to the hospital to prove he was poisoned. Ross awakens from the drug while on the autopsy table.

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    director John H. Auer
    editor Leonard Wheeler
    genre crime horror
    keywords married poison
    musicBy Milton Schwarzwald
    producer Herb Hayman John H. Auer
    productionCompany Liberty Pictures
    publisher British Lion Films Republic Pictures