Bloodmoon is a 1997 American action/martial arts film directed and choreographed by Tony Leung Siu Hung. The film was produced by Keith W. Strandberg and Ng See Yuen and stars Gary Daniels, Chuck Jeffreys, and Darren Shahlavi.


At a local gym in New York City, heavyweight boxing champion Eddie Cunningham is finishing his workout for the night. He hears a noise and looks around when he turns to the ring. A mysterious man dressed in black sporting a mask tells Eddie he fights well but he lacks the "killer instinct". The masked man challenges the boxer to a fight and shows him the moon, which has a faint red color. The man sports boots with the toes and heels encased in steel and uses martial arts to fight Eddie. Initially, the two combatants seemed evenly matched, but Eddie soon finds himself overwhelmed by the man's superior fighting skills. When the man knocks Eddie outside of the ring, he unmasks himself and still pounds on Eddie despite Eddie's pleas of calling off the fight. When Eddie uses a bench to knock down the man, the man uses two steel fingers which goes through the bench and stabs Eddie in the chest. He hoists a dead Eddie in the air and declares victory.