Kannaki (English: The Eye) is a 2002 Indian Malayalam-language tragedy film directed by Jayaraj and written by Sanjeev Kilikulam. It stars Nandita Das, Lal, Siddique, Kalpana, Geethu Mohandas and Manoj K. Jayan. It is an adaptation of William Shakespeare's play Antony and Cleopatra. This is Jayaraj's second film adaptation of a Shakespeare play, the first being Kaliyattam (1997). Lal plays Manickam, the equivalent to Antony. Nandita Das plays Kannaki, the equivalent to Cleopatra and Manoj K. Jayan plays Gounder, Octavius Caesar's role. Nandita Das' role as Kannaki was critically acclaimed and is considered one of her finest acting performances in her career.


Manickam and Choman are best friends in a local village. Manickam excels in the local game of cockfighting and has acquired the mastery of the game and of the bird. Manickam is actually fighting for Choman in his regular cockfights against the Gounder.