The Baader Meinhof Complex

The Baader Meinhof Complex (, ) is a 2008 German drama film directed by Uli Edel. Written and produced by Bernd Eichinger, it stars Moritz Bleibtreu, Martina Gedeck, and Johanna Wokalek. The film is based on the 1985 German best selling non-fiction book of the same name by Stefan Aust. It retells the story of the early years of the West German far-left terrorist organisation the Rote Armee Fraktion (Red Army Fraction, or Red Army Faction, a.k.a. RAF) from 1967 to 1977.


On 2 June 1967, the Shah of Iran visits West Berlin and attends a performance at the Deutsche Oper. Angered at his policies in governing Iran, members of the German student movement protest his appearance. The West Berlin police and the Shah's security team attack the protesters, and unarmed protester Benno Ohnesorg is fatally shot by Officer Karl-Heinz Kurras.


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    contentLocation Berlin
    director Uli Edel
    editor Alexander Berner
    events terrorism
    genre action drama political thriller
    keywords andreas baader armed struggle arrest astrid proll attempted murder attorney general bank robber benno ohnesorg bka bob dylan bomb brigitte mohnhaupt capture christian klar corrections officer criminal profiling depression deutsche oper direct action dresdner bank emotional abuse fascist fatah federal criminal police office german student movement gudrun ensslin hang hanns-martin schleyer hijack holger meins hunger strike irmgard möller jan-carl raspe jordan jürgen ponto karl-heinz kurras kill left wing lufthansa flight 181 middle class military base mohammed reza pahlavi morning murder neo-nazi peter-jurgen boock petra schelm police state police station popular front for the liberation of palestine prison break red army red army faction seize the west german embassy in stockholm shah of iran shot to death sicily siegfried buback siegfried hausner smuggle solitary confinement stab stammheim prison stefan aust suffer suicide bomber susanne albrecht than the think training camp ulrike meinhof united states military violent action voiceover west west berlin west german embassy siege west germany wound young people
    musicBy Peter Hinderthür
    nomination Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film European Film Academy Prix d'Excellence European Film Award for Best Actor European Film Award – People's Choice Award for Best European Film
    producer Bernd Eichinger
    productionCompany Constantin Film
    publisher Constantin Film Verleih
    recordedAt Berlin Germany Morocco Munich Prague
    theme biographical biographical drama political thriller