Dr. Strangelove

Dr. Strangelove

Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb, more commonly known simply as Dr. Strangelove, is a 1964 black comedy film that satirizes the Cold War fears of a nuclear conflict between the Soviet Union and the United States. The film was directed, produced, and co-written by Stanley Kubrick and stars Peter Sellers, George C. Scott, Sterling Hayden and Slim Pickens. Production took place in the United Kingdom. The film is loosely based on Peter George's thriller novel Red Alert (1958).


United States Air Force Brigadier General Jack D. Ripper is commander of Burpelson Air Force Base, which houses the Strategic Air Command (SAC) 843rd Bomb Wing, flying B-52 bombers armed with hydrogen bombs. The 843rd Wing is flying on airborne alert, two hours from their targets inside the USSR.


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    award BAFTA Award for Best British Film BAFTA Award for Best Film Bodil Award for Best Non-American Film Hugo Award for Best Dramatic Presentation National Film Registry New York Film Critics Circle Award for Best Director United Nations Awards
    contentLocation Washington, D.C.
    director Stanley Kubrick
    editor Anthony Harvey
    events aviation Cold War doomsday device mad scientist nuclear war World War III
    genre comedy drama political satire thriller
    keywords air force base all superiors have been killed in a first strike animal life b-52 bomber bomb bay bomber bombs jacketed with cobalt-thorium g breed brigadier general bucking bull bury cobalt bomb commanding officer connect crm 114 crm 114 discriminator decapitation strike doomsday machine executive officer first strike fly group captain h-bomb hot line hydrogen bomb icbm joint war room kill king kong moscow–washington hotline nazi german nuclear explosion royal air force soviet premier soviet union soviets have been using fluoridation straddle strategic air command surface-to-air missile u.s. army united states air force ussr vera lynn war room water fluoridation controversy#communist conspiracy theory we\'ll meet again world war ii
    musicBy Laurie Johnson
    nomination Academy Award for Best Actor Academy Award for Best Director Academy Award for Best Picture Academy Award for Best Writing, Adapted Screenplay BAFTA Award for Best British Film BAFTA Award for Best British Screenplay BAFTA Award for Best Film Directors Guild of America Award for Outstanding Directing – Feature Film Hugo Award for Best Dramatic Presentation United Nations Awards
    producer Stanley Kubrick
    productionCompany Hawk Films
    publisher Columbia Pictures
    recordedAt Arctic Banff National Park Greenland Heathrow Airport Iceland London Northwest Territories Okaloosa County Rocky Mountains Shepperton Studios
    theme black comedy mad scientist satirical speculative war