A Noisy Household

A Noisy Household, is a 1946 Soviet comedy film directed by Mikhail Zharov.


A Red Army soldier Ogurtsov, in the pre-war past, an amateur breeder, goes to a new duty station. Making his way through the forest path, he hears girlish singing, goes to his voice and meets a girl. This turns out to be Tonya a strict girl in the rank of corporal. It turns out that they are sent to the same subdivision to the farm of Semibab. Arriving at the object, they see a foreman playing the accordion and singing a song. It does not immediately become clear that this foreman is the head of the object, guard foreman Semibab. The new arrivals see a non-standard airfield and have no idea what their object is.

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    director Mikhail Zharov
    editor G. Slavatinskaya
    genre comedy
    keywords red army sing
    musicBy Yury Milyutin
    productionCompany Mosfilm