Barbie Dolphin Magic

Barbie Dolphin Magic

Barbie Dolphin Magic (also called Barbie: Dolphin Magic) is a 2017 American-Canadian computer-animated friendship family television film directed by Conrad Helten and written by Jennifer Skelly. It is the 36th movie in the Barbie film series and the pilot to the Dreamhouse Adventures series (a new series by Mattel featuring Barbie and her sisters: Skipper, Stacie and Chelsea). It features the voice of Erica Lindbeck as Barbie and is the first Barbie film to be produced under the new name of Rainmaker Studios (a current division of WOW! Unlimited Media). This marks the first time a Barbie film is not distributed by Universal Pictures.


A mermaid and her four dolphin companions hide from a ship. The youngest dolphin, named Emerald, curiously goes near the boats and is instantly captured as a rare "gemstone dolphin", as there is a mysterious woman offering a reward. The mermaid tells them to stay put and sets off in pursuit of the boat.