Bhagyarekha (Telugu: భాగ్యరేఖ) is an Indian Telugu language soap opera directed by V. V. Varanjaneyulu and broadcast on Gemini TV weekdays from 24 June 2019. It stars Divya Ganesh and Maneesh as the main protagonists and Nalini, Bharani Shankar, Sri Rithika, Ragha Madhuri and Kalyan in supporting roles. The show is the remake of the Tamil television series Nayaki which is being aired on Sun TV.


The series revolves around the girl named Siri (Divya Ganesh) who was raised in poverty even she is legal heir to rich family due to certain circumstances. She works in retail stores and co-worker Meena (Sri Rithika) became a best friend. Siri owes money to Chittemma (Nalini) who is arrogant but kind lady who earns by usury Interest. Devendra (Bharani Shankar) is the business man who has eyes upon wealth of the girl. He came to know about that the legal heir is still alive while his attempts to clinch her wealth. On the other hand Devendra's son Rishi (Maneesh) met Siri and he loves Siri. Will Siri realize her roots and how she will safeguard and own her wealth is main plot of the story.


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    keywords best friend business man nalini rich family
    publisher Gemini TV