Monisha En Monalisa

Monisha En Monalisa

Monisha En Monalisa (English: Monisha is my Monalisa) is a 1999 Indian Tamil-language film written, directed and produced by T. Rajendar who also composed the music and portrays a supporting role as a philosopher, Kaadhaldasan. His son, Silambarasan starred in a cameo role and the intro song in the film with his brother T. R. Kuralarasan, whilst debutants, Ramankanth (Raman Trikha) and Mumtaj played the lead roles.


Rahul (Ramankanth) sees a concert of pop singer Monisha (Mumtaj) and it is love at first sight for him. He woos her over the phone but she, hating all men and love itself, resists his advances. But he wears her down and she finally succumbs, agreeing to see him. But he dies in an accident on the way over and she ends up not being able to even see his face.

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    director T. Rajendar
    editor P. R. Shanmugam
    genre romance
    keywords love at first sight pop singer
    musicBy T. Rajendar
    producer T. Rajendar
    productionCompany Chimbu Cine Arts