Kanyasulkam is a 1955 Telugu-language philosophical film, produced by D. L. Narayana under the Vinoda Pictures banner and directed by P. Pullaiah. It stars N. T. Rama Rao, Sowcar Janaki, and Savitri in the lead roles and music composed by Ghantasala. The film is based on the famous Telugu play Kanyasulkam drama, written by Gurazada Appa Rao.


Girisam (NTR) the cunning bluff master lives at the expense of Putakoollamma (Chayadevi), who runs a mess. He befriends a wench Madhuravani (Savitri). To escape from debts, he accompanies Venkatesam (Master Kundu), to whom he teaches English, in his village. There he tries to woo Venkatesam's widowed sister Buchamma (Janaki). Venkatesam's father Agnihotravadhanlu (Vinnakota Ramannapanthulu), despite pleas from his wife Venkamma (Hemalatha) agrees to perform the marriage of his nine-year-old daughter Subbamma (Baby Subhadra) to the rich old man Lubdhavadhanlu (Govindarajula Subbarao) for a bride price negotiated by Ramappa Panthulu (CSR), a paramour of Madhuravani.