O Rangreza

O Rangreza

O Rangreza, was a Pakistani romantic drama serial that airs on Hum TV. It stars Bilal Abbas and Sajal Ali in lead roles. It is written by Saji Gul and is directed by Kashif Nisar, who previously directed Dumpukht, which also starred Bilal Abbas Khan along with Sonia Mishal.


The story is of stubborn girl, Sassi (Sajal Aly), who makes her father Khayyam (Noman Ijaz) ideal and follows his footsteps and treats her mother Mumtaz "Mammo" (Irsa Ghazal) exactly like how Khayyam treats her. Her maternal cousin Qasim (Bilal Abbas Khan), the serious orphan guy who is "dye wala / rang wala”. Qasim starts taking interest in Sassi but stops thinking because of Khayyam's favors on him. Khayyam loves an actress, Sonia Jahan (Sana Fukher) and Sassi starts to follow her footsteps and starts to visit her, and learn from her.