O Rangreza

O Rangreza

O Rangreza is a Pakistani romantic drama serial that aired on Hum TV. It starred Sajal Aly and Bilal Abbas in the lead roles. Saji Gul wrote the drama, and Kashif Nisar directed it. Nasir had previously directed Dumpukht - Aatish-e-Ishq, which also starred Bilal Abbas along with Sonia Mishal and Noman Ijaz.


Sassi makes her father, Khayyam, her ideal and follows in his footsteps. She treats her mother, Mumtaz, "Mammo", as badly as Khayyam treats her. Her maternal cousin, Qasim, starts taking an interest in Sassi but stops thinking about Khayyam's favours in the past. Khayyam loves an actress, Sonia Jahan, and Sassi starts to follow in her footsteps. She often visits Sonia and learns from her.


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    director Kashif Nisar
    genre drama
    keywords embarrass london think wedding day
    publisher Hum TV