Hamlet is a 1954 Hindi tragedy drama film, produced and directed by Kishore Sahu. The film was a free adaptation of Shakespeare's tragedy, with Sahu playing Hamlet as well as writing the screenplay, while the dialogue was by Amanat Hilal and B. D. Verma. It was produced by Hindustan Chitra, a production company started by Sahu in 1944. It was Ramesh Naidu's first film as a music composer. The film starred Mala Sinha, Kishore Sahu, Venus Banerji, Kamaljeet and Jankidas.


After seeing his father's ghost the film follows the play focusing on Hamlet's revenge on his Uncle Claudius, who has married his mother Gertrude after murdering Hamlet's father. He pretends to be insane and is in the process of staging a play where he plans to denounce his mother and Uncle.

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    director Kishore Sahu
    editor Kantilal B. Shukla
    genre drama
    keywords married
    musicBy Pasupuleti Ramesh Naidu
    producer Kishore Sahu
    productionCompany Hindustan Chitra
    theme stag