Ekjon Jhumur

Ekjon Jhumur (2002) is a Bengali short film made for Calcutta Doordarshan and shown in prime time television channels in July 2002. Directed by Gautam Sen, the movie featured Locket Chatterjee, Badshah Maitra, Biswajit Ray, Biswanath Basu, Kallol Dasgupta. This movie is Gautam Sen’s directorial début.A DVD version of the film, later shown in different film festivals.


Based on a short story by Mohit Ray, Ekjon Jhumur ( Jhumur, the girl) is the story of Jhumur,(Locket Chatterjee )a self-respectful, independent-minded young lady of today in her late twenties. Her consciousness of life, morality and her own entity are intermingled with theater. The undaunted spirit places her above the nitty-gritty of daily life. She seeks emancipation through her medium of self-expression - the theater.