Rat Rod Rockers!

Rat Rod Rockers!

Rat Rod Rockers! is a 2010 B-Movie written and directed by D.A. Sebasstian.


The story begins when an area moonshiner named Old Man Kanker, dies mysteriously in a still explosion. A dysfunctional Seattlite family, the Milldues (Teri Aslett, Hot Rod Heidi, Aeon Black and Ivy Sawdon), buy the home not knowing that millions of dollars in moonshine money are buried somewhere on the premises. Ivan Molotov (Kerry Murphy), the local Russian Mob Boss, sends a gang of his thugs to retrieve the money. When the gang runs into serious resistance from the new home owners- all hell breaks loose. The violence escalates as the family refuses to budge or let the Rat Rod Gang on their property. The film features car chases, drag racing, kidnappings, and shoot outs, but all with a darkly humorous campy tone.