Y2K (also known as Countdown to Chaos and Y2K: The Movie) is a 1999 American made-for-television science fiction-thriller film directed by Dick Lowry and starring Ken Olin and Kate Vernon. The film takes a fictional look at the societal problems that could ensue from widespread computer shutdowns caused by the Year 2000 problem, also known as the Y2K problem or the Millennium bug. The film premiered November 21, 1999 on NBC.


Nick Cromwell is an MIT-trained "Y2K troubleshooter", the son of a NASA problem-solver. As midnight on January 1, 2000 arrives in the Eastern Time Zone and computers shut down because of the bug, the entire Atlantic Seaboard goes dark and Cromwell assists a plane to land in Washington, DC, without runway lights. Word then arrives of a nuclear power plant in Sweden suffering a meltdown and killing all the workers, so he takes a supersonic jet back to his hometown of Seattle to avert disaster at the similar power plant there. Everyone within a 10-mile radius of the plant is ordered to evacuate, including Cromwell's wife, Alix, a physician who is delivering a millennium baby. But the Cromwells' 16-year-old daughter Kelly has disobeyed her mother's order to stay home with her younger brother, so Alix begins searching the city for her.