The Tree

The Tree is a 2001 Singaporean supernatural-mystery drama film directed by Daisy Chan, starring Zoe Tay, Francis Ng, Phyllis Quek, Tse Kwan Ho and Deng Mao Hui. Produced by Mediacorp Raintree Pictures, the film was shot entirely in Singapore over 28 days with a production budget of S$1.1 million. It was released in Singapore cinemas on 26 April 2001.


Lin Zixiong (Zheng Geping) dies after being hit by a car, and the only witness seems to be his stepson "Popiah" (Deng Mao Hui), a quiet young boy with no friends besides a gigantic tree. Police investigator Jiang Liangxing (Phyllis Quek) becomes convinced the driver was Lin's wife Guo Meifeng (Zoe Tay), whose first husband Xie Wenguang (Tse Kwan-ho) disappeared 5 years ago. Meanwhile, Jiang's boyfriend and pathologist Wu Chongzhe (Francis Ng) discovers a mysterious fungus in Lin's heart. He also befriends Popiah and learns that Lin had sexually abused him. Perhaps the answer to everything lies in the gigantic tree...


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    contentLocation Singapore
    director Daisy Chan
    editor Koh Kah-yen
    genre drama mystery
    keywords abuse hit by a car tse kwan-ho young boy zheng geping
    producer Victor Lau
    productionCompany Mediacorp Raintree Pictures
    theme speculative