Dogs of Hell, originally known as Rottweiler 3-D, also known as Rottweiler and Rottweiler: The Dogs of Hell, is a 1982 horror/thriller film starring Earl Owensby, Bill Gribble and Robert Bloodworth. This was the first of six 3-D films shot by the Ownsby Studios in the early to mid-1980s; it was filmed in the summer/fall of 1981 over the course of two or so months. The film had a wider release in theaters compared to the remaining five Owensby 3-D films.


The U.S. military has bred and trained Rottweilers, which have escaped, and they are heading for a peaceful community.


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    director Worth Keeter
    editor Bruce Stubblefield Jack Hofstra Worth Keeter
    genre horror thriller
    keywords rottweiler us military
    musicBy Stephen Heller
    producer Earl Owensby
    theme 3d