C.B.I. Shankar

C.B.I. Shankar

C.B.I. Shankar is a 1989 Indian Kannada language drama film directed by P. Nanjundappa. It stars Shankar Nag in the titular role as Shankar, an officer with the CBI, who investigates a murder case closed down by the local police. The supporting cast features Devaraj, Doddanna, Vajramuni, Suman Ranganathan and Shashikumar. The film was a blockbuster and further established Nag as a leading actor in Kannada cinema.


Sub-inspector Galappa Doddamani stumbles at Sathya's filming location in a forest, of the film CBI Shankar. The president of the local Zilla Parishad Narayana Gowda (Vajramuni) reaches the spot with a businessman Amar (Devaraj), and grant the crew permission to continue filming. Following Gowda's inappropriate behavior with Tara (as herself), the film's female lead, at a party hosted by the film producer, she storms out of the party and walks out of the film. Sathya, also the film's director, persists Amar's sister Asha (Suman Ranganathan) to replace her, to which an initially hesitant Asha agrees in her brother, Amar's absence, who had other plans for her.