Number, Please?

Number, Please?

Number, Please? is a 1920 American short comedy film directed by Hal Roach and Fred C. Newmeyer featuring Harold Lloyd.


While at an amusement park, trying vainly to forget the girl he has lost, a young man (Lloyd) sees the girl (Mildred Davis) with her new boyfriend (Roy Brooks). When her dog gets loose in the park, both suitors have to help her catch it. The girl's uncle, a balloonist, gives her a pass for two in his balloon, provided that her mother approves. She then offers to take along the first of her admirers who is able to get her mother's consent. The girl's new boyfriend races to her house to get the mother's permission, while the young man tries to telephone her. The young man faces crowded phone booths, gossiping operators, a crying baby and other obstacles in his effort to reach the mother first. Racing back to the girl, the two suitors bump into one another and a pickpocket who has just robbed the girl of her purse. The boy is mistaken for the pickpocket and must elude various policemen on his way back to meet the girl.

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    director Fred C. Newmeyer Hal Roach
    genre comedy
    keywords amusement park crying baby phone booth telephone young man
    producer Hal Roach
    publisher Pathé Exchange
    recordedAt Los Angeles
    theme race short