Blondes for Danger

Blondes for Danger

Blondes for Danger is a 1938 British thriller film directed by Jack Raymond and starring Gordon Harker and Enid Stamp-Taylor. It was made at Beaconsfield Studios for release by British Lion. The film's sets were designed by the art director Norman G. Arnold.


London cabbie Alf Huggins finds himself caught up in the world of espionage and assassination. When a British executive's monopoly of the oil industry is threatened, Alf is set up as the patsy for his attempt on a Middle-Eastern Prince's life.


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    contentLocation London
    director Jack Raymond
    editor Peggy Hennessey
    genre thriller
    keywords oil industry set up
    musicBy John Blore Borelli
    producer Herbert Wilcox
    productionCompany Herbert Wilcox Productions
    publisher British Lion Film Corporation